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Welcome to, the website for PMT Consultants, where you will find programs and materials for children and their families that:

  • build self-esteem
  • teach communication skills
  • teach respectful discipline for parents
  • teach socialization skills to children with and without disabilities
  • teach, sexual abuse prevention skills to children and teens with and without disabilities, their parents and teachers.
  • train adults to talk to the children in their lives about preventing abuse in an age and developmentally-appropriate way


Pnina Tobin, MPA, director of PMT Consultants, has been working with parents, teachers, and children in the areas of parenting and child abuse prevention for over 30 years. As director of PMT Consultants since 1992, she provides trainings and workshops at conferences and for organizations and parent groups throughout the U. S., Central America, and the UK.

She has a California Adult Education Credential in the area of Parent Education, and works as workshop leader and coach to parents wishing to enhance their parenting skills. Prior to her work as a consultant, she founded and directed two nonprofit organizations, one concerned with parenting, and the other with child sexual abuse prevention. Along with colleagues, she developed curricula and programs for adults and children. These innovative programs, using songs, skits, puppets and posters, help build self-esteem and teach personal safety skills to children with and without disabilities. Her Parenting Workshops include: “Building Family Self-Esteem”, Single Parent Support and Parenting Skills Groups, “Handling Parent Anger”, and “Raising a Spirited Child”.

She is the co-author (with Sue Levinson Kessner) of “Keeping Kids Safe – a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual – 2nd edition” and “I'm Somebody – a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Manual for Children with Disabilities” (with L. Rifkin and C. Carpenter.) She has also written, “I'm Somebody, Too! Sexuality, Socialization and Self-Protection – Talking to Teens and Adults with Developmental Disabilities about the 3 S's, ” “Keeping Kids Safe Family Activity Booklet”, and “Professional's Guide to One Parent Family Education”. Pnina also produced “Songs for Keeping Kids Safe” CD.

Pnina uses her experience as a child sexual abuse preventionist, and as parent educator and coach with diverse groups of parents, as well as her personal experience as a single parent and grandmother to inform her work with adults and children. She is a passionate child advocate with a profound respect for children and families.


All the services provided by PMT are based on a profound respect for children. Children have the right to be safe from abuse, and to be believed when they try to talk about an abusive situation. We believe in teaching children to trust their intuition, or “funny feelings” about the way someone is approaching or touching them, and to find someone they trust to confide in.

Parents deserve our respect and support as well. With all its joys and rewards, parenting can still be a difficult job. Our classes and workshops for parents emphasize the need for positive contact and support from other parents and extended family.

We show our respect by designing programs that are accessible (physically and mentally), and build on the strengths of children and their families. For example, children with disabilities are taught they are “people first” who happen to have a disability, and as “people first” they have abilities and strengths to be honored.


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